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Enchantress Arwyn – Kaa Returns


Welcome back, man cub. I hope you enjoyed our last chat. I’m back to take things to the next level. I’m not merely interested in making you slumber this time. This time, I want to make sure you never leave my feet again. I know how much you like the feeling of my coils wrapped around your neck, so don’t worry, this will be quick and easy. Soon the colors in your irises will melt and start to spiral in time with my rainbow-socked feet until you’re completely mesmerized. Then, I’ll make you forever my slave. That’s right, man cub. You will continue to return to my feet—forever. When you’re not under my trance, you’ll long for it. Because serving my feet feels better than anything, so you’ll return here as often as you can. In fact, as soon as you wake, you’ll immediately feel the desire to go back into trance for me.

Date: April 3, 2023