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DomNation – THE INSTITUTE OF CORRECTION, VOLUME 3: The Repossession of Mr Hyde


Goddess Mena and bella Bathory conspire to corrupt the newly elected Senator Hyde. Their end goal is to separate him from his vast fortune and plunge him into a world of eternal slavery. In unison the diabolical duo will force Senator Hyde back into total submission…because he was never truly cured of his weaknesses in the first place. Senator Hyde will only be cured when Goddess Mena allows it! But until then both he and his life long friend Judge Eric are at the mercy of their own twisted fetish needs and mere pawns in the evil duo’s diabolical plan for world domination. When Mena and Bella are done draining them, both Hyde and Eric will sign their lives away to these magnificent Dominant Goddesses and crawl away broken and destitute.

Date: April 20, 2023
Actors: Goddess Mena