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Czech Soles – Burgler gets caught and punished by two young foot girls – Foot Humiliation


Two girl friends are living together in a rented place. It’s nice neighborhood but it attracts robbers quite a lot. But what are the chances some robber will visit their place, right? As they are returning home at night, they enter the apartment and as they do a robber is holding part of their furniture and he’s looking right at them, totally frozen and with no idea what to do. The girls act quickly. They grab the guy one of them pins him down and the other one starts to dial the police. But at that moment he starts to beg them not to call the police. He was in jail before and he cannot go back. The girls have mercy with him but they cannot just let him go. They have to punish him somehow. And one of them has an idea! How about to smother him with our smelly dirty feet and socks and make him smell it and worship our feet and make him beg to stop and let him go. They like it and it’s on! He’d be better off with the police then under the feet of these girls!

Date: April 12, 2023