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Cruel Brats – Becky – Just Serve and Soak Up Humiliation Cucky


There was a hot guy at the bar last night – tall, muscular – so good looking. I was flirting with him so obviously – I REALLY wanted to cheat on you with him. I just came right out and told him that I have a cuckold boyfriend. That I deliberately cheat on you and rub your nose in it. I told him how I humiliate you, how I make you buy the lingerie I wear for other men. How I make you pay for my dates and that you’ll pay for HIS drinks too. I told him how I send you out to buy condoms for me to fuck other men. Y’know what he thought would be funny – if after he’s fucked me we pour all his cum into my cute panties – and make you wear them.

Date: March 31, 2023
Actors: Becky