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ClubStiletto – Mistress Kandy, Princess Jemma – Step-mom FARTS in My boyfriends face


When Kandy remarried her sexy young step-daughter became an instant member of the family. Kandy felt it was important to show her how men should be treated to insure she enjoyed life to it’s fullest. As this scene opens the two ladies are talking and Kandy asks Jemma if she recognizes the guy locked in the floor box. “Oh my god, is that Christian?” she asks. It is in fact her ex-boyfriend that Kandy enslaved shortly after he crushed her step-daughters heart. His cheating days are behind him and now sniffing farts, licking ass and being a human toilet are all that matter to him. A real man would be humiliated for his ex-girlfriend to see what has become of him but a well trained beta slave is only aroused and hoping he can now be used by her as well.Kandy gets up and verbally humiliates Christian about his inadequate cock. She squeezes and twists his balls and then strokes his cock as she wants him as aroused as possible. “You were so mean to me” Jemma reminds him as she reaches down and starts twisting his nipples while Kandy slaps his balls. “Show him your pussy” Kandy tells Jemma. She reminds Christian that he could have had it every fucking day if he wasn’t such a fool. She waves her pretty pink hole in his face while Kandy tells him that all he will get from Jemma now is her farts, piss and schl1t. Now to humiliate him as much as possible, Kandy sits over his face and blasts him with fart after fart while she tells Jemma to use her stilettos on his cock and balls and to twist and slap them too. Jemma grimaces as the fart smell starts to fill the air and she calls Christian a little runt, weirdo and loser. Then Kandy asks Christian if he wants to eat her schl1t and he practically begs for it. “Christian is disgusting” says Jemma, thrilled by what mamma has done to him.

Date: April 10, 2023