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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – You Have Needs, LOL


Miss Xi is on the bed talking to her client who is casually sitting on her discipline bench. “I’ve done some digging around and have uncovered some info on you, including the fact you are married.” She tells him it brings up a couple questions, the first being, how did he manage to find a wife in light of his super tiny penis and secondly why is he spamming girls on inst@gram and actually showing them his endowment? He claims he has needs that have to be satisfied and that’s why he is contacting other women, his wife surely losing interest years ago. Xi laughs, “You have needs that need to be satisfied?” She then asks him if his little dick ever worked and he claims many women have responded positively. Xi is almost on the floor with laughter. Xi asks if she knows about his activities. He says no but Xi says she suspects she does know but just doesn’t care and is actually out fucking real men anyway. The dumb slave says that she would never do that and she is happy with him.

Date: April 10, 2023
Actors: Miss XI