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ClubStiletto – Lady Katy – Make Me SCREAM fuckface


Lady Katy is a sexy BBW and all natural.  She also has an insanely high high sex drive along with a love for using and dominating men.  In this scene her lover has just left and as she calls her slave into the room.  You can see the cum running from her hairy pussy.  “My boyfriend is gone but I’m still horny” Katy tells the slave.  She orders the slave to crawl in with a mouth dildo already in his mouth, he spends most of his days like that.  She directs him between her legs and has him slowly glide the dildo into her cum lubed pussy.“You get my sloppy seconds and when you’re done you’ll be taking the dildo in your mouth like a big Popsicle, and tasting my pussy juice and my mans cum.  Soon she is moaning in pleasure as she directs the slave how to move slowly then faster and then really fast.  Watch this slave eagerly take orders and see and hear as Katy builds to a screaming orgasm, eventually pulling the slaves head close to her as she lets the waves of pleasure pass.  Then she tells him to remove the dildo and lick it clean.  “See it was a good time for both of us” she says, then looks at you and adds “but mainly for me!”

Date: April 20, 2023
Actors: Lady Katy