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ClubStiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Your Little balls will be hanging down to your knees


A man is chastised by his wife for having tiny balls that actually appear to be shrinking day by day. Too embarrassed to mention it to his family doctor, but fearing for his marriage, he looks underground where someone tells him about a Dr. Bellatrix that uses alternative medicine to increase the size of men’s testicles. As the scene opens the man is in a dark basement room naked on the bench waiting for the Doctor to arrive. An announcement over a speaker directs him to place his legs into the stirrups in preparation for the Doctor. Hmmm, seems weird.  Just as the slave moves his legs to follow directions the Doctor walks in and asks what his problem is. He explains his balls are shrinking so she takes her stethoscope and places it on his balls and determines not much is happening down there. “My wife really wants to get pregnant and I have not been able to do the job” he tells the Doctor. She asks him if he has been under a lot of stress and he says he has and starts babbling about wife, family, work and so on, until Bellatrix interrupts him and says “Plus, it must be really stressful with your balls shrinking.” Bellatrix tells the slave to close his eyes and relax and says she will press on his wrists on special pressure points to help out. She quickly fits him with wrist cuffs and secures them to the bench before he even knows what’s been happening. Now secured she starts with her alternate therapy. However, before she starts she removes her Doctor top and reveals a t-shirt that says ‘Make Boys Cry’. Now the patient is nervous… and he should be. He questions her credentials and she says she took a weekend course. “By the time I’m done your balls will be hanging down to your knees” she tells him. She pushes his head down and starts his ‘treatment’ which centers around clothes pins and nipple clamps. “After 10 or 20 treatments I’m confident you’ll be fine and your wife can stop thinking about finding a better man to please her” Bellatrix says adding “And for best results I suggest you remain celibate until all the treatments are done.”  She whispers at the camera that she can probably set his wife up with one of the hot male Doctors in the clinic to insure she is satisfied.

Date: May 26, 2023
Actors: Lady Bellatrix