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Club Stiletto – Mistress Mercy and Her Slip-n-Slide slave


Mistress Mercy ordered her slave to shave his head and face just before meeting him in the dungeon. She has plans for his head. She pulls out a container of baby-oil and pours it all over his face and head. “We’re going to play slip-n-slide today” she tells him. She tells him it’s a special reward for being a good boy. Once the slaves head is glistening, Mercy pulls the slaves head by the ears to the edge of the bench and sits on it. Oh man, her ass sliding smoothly across his face looks so amazing and you can see the slave is enjoying it too as he is rock hard. She tells him she wants him to cum. As the slave strokes Mercy continues to ride his face. She tells the slave to stick his tongue out and rim her while she rides his head. If her ass isn’t enough, surely her seductive voice will make him blow in short order and suddenly he screams out that he is about to cum. The cum explodes from his cock and across his body all the way up to his chest. Mercy wiggles her ass on his face some more then scoops up all the cum into her hand and sticks it into his mouth. “A good slave eats his own cum” she tells him. She reaches for his cock and gets the excess cum from there and feeds that to him, also. “If you’re a good boy I’ll let you cum once a month like this” she tells him. Mistress Mercy says she would let him kiss her ass now but his face is full of cum and she doesn’t do slave cum. She tells him to wait there until she needs him again and walks from the room. This is a super hot clip if you love face sitting and ass worship featuring a hot young Dominatrix.

Date: May 9, 2023
Actors: Mistress Mercy