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Bratty Foot Girls – Dakota Charms – My Loser StepBro SFX


Dajota is a very smart student, she’s been working on a special project in her lab classes that can change the world. She left the pills on the table in the kitchen and has discovered they are all gone. She is furious! She knows it was her loser step-brother, he’s such an addict for anything in pill form and he probably thought they were to party with. He comes home and she confronts him about it. She tells him he’s not going to like what they were for, right after she tells him that he immediately begins feeling woozy and starts to shrink down. Before he knows it he is only an inch tall before her gigantic boots! She messes with him and takes her stinky feet out of her boots, she knows how much he hates her feet as they are always very strong smelling, especially when she doesn’t wear socks! She decides to really him and picks him up and puts him in her boot then puts them back on. She goes out to class with him stuck in her boot all day. She comes home later that day and removes her boot. She is shocked he is still alive. However she tells him he is done for as she presses her foot over him. She has no antidote for it and he will forever be that small. She decides he’s a loser anyways and there’s no point in keeping him around. She gives him 10 seconds to do what he wants before her giant foot comes crushing down on him!

Date: May 25, 2023
Actors: Dakota Charms