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Brat Princess 2 – Cameron – Cuckoldress Cameron: Travel Cuck Forced To Eat Stud’s Condom


Cuckoldress Cameron always travels with at least one slave. Her cuck is on 24/7 standby in case she wants clean towels or extra lotion. Because she knows her cuck is extremely horny, she forces it to watch while she sucks a nice big cock. The poor cuck hates watching. The male whose cock she’s sucking isn’t even a fitness model, or an investment banker, or even a nicer guy. He’s just lucky he isn’t poor cucky. They fuck in front of the cuck for a long time, Cameron’s moans filling the room. When they are finished, Cameron removes the condom from her stud’s cock. She methodically squeezes all the semen into a little pool in the tip of the rubber. She tells the awaiting slave to open it’s mouth. She squeezes the jizz onto the tongue and commands swallow. She stuffs the entire dirty condom in it’s mouth and makes it go right back to work. More clean towels …

Date: March 30, 2023
Actors: Cameron