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blazedbratx – Weekly Tribute JOI


Custom VideoI am your financial dominatrix who you have to pay to be allowed to orgasm, I’m wearing a thong and nothing else when you enter the room and pay your weekly tribute so I allow you to start jerking your cock, I then start teasing you talking about and showing off all my tattoos and piercings and how your boring gf has none and doesn’t turn you on. I stick my tongue out a lot showing off my tongue piercing making fun of you and calling you a loser for needing to pay girls online to be able to cum. throughout the video, I do jerk-off hand motions and 3 or 4 countdowns where I make it seem like I am going to let me cum but I never get to 1 and deny you while laughing at you. At the end, while jiggling and twerking my ass in your face while doing one more countdown from 20 because you are so close to the edge and I promise you will get to cum but when I get to 1 I make you ruin your orgasm and you pathetically leak everywhere while getting laughed at and humiliated then told to clean yourself up and come up with more money to tribute for next week if you want a really satisfying orgasm

Date: April 3, 2023
Actors: blazedbratx