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Banana Jacks – Kyle Stone , Aiden Starr , Max Roxberry , Alison Tyler – Wive’s Yearly Milking Contest


Cuckolding wives yearly milking contest – this neighborhood is under female authority and wives want big loads.the men are kept in chastity and made horny all year to increase their load. They make them fuck things like cantaloupe and watermelon and then when they get close to coming they have to learn how to suck it back in and get it locked back up. Their cocks get teased in preparation for the contest to make their balls full. They are commanded by their wives to demonstrate how they would fuck, if they ever got the chance. If they disobey they are kicked, resulting in one contestant having a big bruise for the contest. The wives jerk and make them cum on demand, at the count of 10. The prize is $10,000 to the wife whose hubby produces the biggest load, and the loser, gets another year of training and lots of big black cocks for his wife, and a beating at the hands of the other wife. We are going to squeeze out every last drop – housewives rule your cock

Date: April 2, 2023