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This is a compilation of three Human Deprivation videos: Part I: Thirst In the first installment of this new trilogy, you find yourself in a dark room, naked, tied up by the wrists, feet tied together, and a super dry feeling in your mouth and throat. You haven’t had water for 3 days and the inside of your mouth feels like a desert. Sydney walks in and hangs out in the room for a while, teasing you with water. She reminds you how long it’s been since you slept (3 weeks and counting) and there doesn’t seem to be an end to this Torment any time soon. Three weeks of no sleep and chastity, 3 days of no water, and you don’t know how much longer you can take this. You watch in agony as Sydney finishes a whole bottle of water. Will this be the day she gives you some very much needed H2O? And maybe allows you to cum and go to sleep? Doubtful. Part II: Sounding Sydney is back. This time the lights are on. You’re still naked. You’re still tied up by the wrists and the feet. Your Goddess is wearing a sexy outfit. After being in chastity for four weeks, you get hard with anticipation and from being in the same room as such a divine creature. You notice Sydney going over to a dresser to grab some tools. What is it? Torment devices? A chastity cage? More rope? It becomes clear that what she’s getting are sounds. You’re not too thrilled about the prospect of getting some metal rods stuffed down your urethra but you can’t help your boner. Which makes it even easier for Sydney to do her thing. Did she just say you’ll get rewarded? As in allowing to cum? That almost makes the sounding worth it. It’s not like there’s anything you can do about it anyway. You can only watch as the sounds go in deeper and deeper. Part III: Succubus After weeks of being denied in chastity, your Goddess Sydney is back today to check on you. In your mind, you hope that today she’s going to give you some relief. And some welcome release. At least so you hope. With a Domme like hers, you never know what’s going to happen. As you wait in anticipation, your mind goes over the events of the last weeks. You’ve been tied up, abused, deprived of food and water, in chastity and sounded. How much worse can this get? Desperation starts to set it. And then she throws a curve ball at you. She gives you the choice between survival and release. Your mind says survival, but your dick clearly has something else in mind. This is not going to be a happy ending!

Date: April 19, 2023
Actors: Astro Domina