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Asian Cruelty – Goddess Mena – WEIGHING THE CONSEQUENCES (Full Version)


My slaves are trained from the onset to place me on a pedestal as their supreme Goddess. Any infraction of my rules will be met with a swift and severe punishment. This particular slave is in need of an attitude adjustment, and so I decided to play a game intended to remind him that there are grave consequences for those who disobey, and that one should always weigh those consequences when choosing ones actions. And so, while bound and helpless, I proceed to add a variety of vicious clamps and weights to his nipples, cock and ball sack, stretching his genitals all the way to the floor. One by one I add more weights, gently caressing them, stroking them, swinging them side to side, as he moans in agony. With each new, heavier weight, his breathing pattern quickens and his moans escalate to screams. In the end, he has over THIRTY POUNDS of weights hanging from his body. Do you think he will now learn to WEIGH the consequences next time he decides to disobey me? Still bound and helpless to my sadistic whims, I continue to add more and more flesh biting clamps to my slaves naked body. Followed by more and more weights to his nipples, cock and ball sack. I add the heavy steel weights one by one, caressing them, stroking them, swatting them, and swinging them side to side like a kinetic sculture, while he screams in agony. With each new, heavier weight, he falls into a deeper state of submission. Exactly, as I intended it to be. All total, I must have added almost FIFTY POUNDS of weights distributed across his entire body, with most hanging from his precious manhood, of course. Yet this is still not enough so I cover his entire backside with my gift of pain. Over and over again, I beat him mercilessly as he moans in agony. Thrashed into surrender, I get close to him, my body close enough to touch. As I look into him and command him to say “thank you,” I see the change come over his eyes. He has become yet another one of my helpless minion s.

Date: April 6, 2023
Actors: Goddess Mena