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Anika Fall – Because Youre Tiny SPH JOI CEI


You’re wondering why you keep losing women, you’re seriously clueless? I’m going to tell you why…. It’s because your weeny is tiny! As soon as you take that thing out of your pants for the first time, and she has to see your tiny dick, it runs every woman away. You’re a loser! You’ll never be able to bring a woman to orgasm, let alone her even be able to feel it. But for some reason, you just love to hear my verbal abuse… taking pics of your tiny penis, laughing at you…what the hell is wrong with you? I’m going to give you instructions on jerking that tiny thing, stop when I tell you to, and then I’m going to make you eat your own cum..

Date: April 2, 2023
Actors: Anika Fall