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Angel The Dreamgirl – You Will Cum When I Say You’re Allowed To Cum


Hi Angel. I have another clip Id like you to make for me. A tease and denial, fingernail fetish, foot fetish, handjob. P.O.V. angle. 10 minutes long. You arrive home after a night out with your boyfriend.You are wearing a short blue or black dress, your bare feet are in open toe high heels, (from attached picture) your hair is curly, you have shiny red lip stick on, and you are wearing rings on your fingers (from #211 or #193 if you still have them).Your nails are long, (same length as in #336) though now they are done in a French tip manicure, on your hands and feet. Your nails on your ring fingers should be a solid red color (no French tip) with the French tips on the rest of your nails in blue. Your toes should mirror the same combination.You are mad that your boyfriend messed up the tickets to the play and let them sell out before he got any, so you had to go see some stupid movie instead. You tease him about this as the two of you walk back to the bedroom with him looking at your hands, feet, ass and heels. When you get back into the bedroom you tease him about how hes been a bad boy lately.You do this while rubbing your ass against his cock through his pants. Like in the start of #334 but still in the p.o.v. angle. The camera looks down at your heels and up at the side of your face as you rub against him. “You fucked up our night.” “What am I to do with such a bad boy?” “How should you pay for this” You push him off of you and turn around. You tell him. “First you must smell my feet and lick my toes, then I might fuck you. On your knees boy.”Now the camera does a close up of your feet. He doesnt have to actually smell and like your feet. I only need you to do the close up shots. You can tease him about how your feet and heels turn him on while this happens.After that, you tell him to get up. “Thats enough for my feet. Now come and worship my hands.”Now the camera does a close up of your hands. Same thing here. Only need the close ups and no actual worshiping. You can tease him about how your fingers and long nails make him hard while this happens. After that you tell him hes aloud to have your pussy again and that you are going to get him ready with your feet after you take your dress off.You come back with only your heels on and shove him onto your bed then slowly climb up after him. You take off his pants, tease his cock with your heels, then you take off your heels and start to give him a footjob for a minute.Aftet that you climb on top of him and slowly put his cock inside your pussy. You slowly grind up and down on his cock a few times, then stop with him still inside you. “You know what? Im still mad at you. You cant have my pussy tonight.”You slide off of him and start to tease his cock with your fingernails. Tickling the shaft and balls. In the same angle with your feet up as in #336. You say; “You have only done one good thing for me today. That was paying for my new nails. So thats all you get to have. My hands and feet.”You proceed to give him a slow, fingernail teasing handjob. You put your feet around the base of his cock and tease him with your hands at the same time.Then you put your face close to his cock and start blowing on it and kissing it all while you tease it with your fingers. Do some tickling of his balls and lightly scratching around the base of his cock while you kiss the head and blow on it. This goes on with you also softly biting his leg a few times, then it turns into a normal speed handjob and he quickly cums for you. Right after you tell him hes aloud to.You play with his cum, lightly scratching his chest and stomach with your cum soaked hands. Calling him a bad boy to end the clip.

Date: May 29, 2023